Micahel & Jennifer | Downtown L.A.

I got to spend a beautiful and warm Saturday evening with Michael and Jennifer. They are an incredible couple who's love for each other is bold and evident. It was such a joy photographing their engagement photos, and I'm looking forward to their wedding! However, despite our best efforts to plan every second of the engagement shoot, our day didn't quite go as planned. 

Our original plan was to meet at the Griffith Observatory for a sunset photoshoot. With it's incredible views, gorgeous architecture and perfectly groomed grounds, I was sure it would be a home run. 

On my way there, my assistant and I hit a fair amount of traffic. But I thought to myself 'oh, it's L.A... this is totally normal' (which is true). However, at the bottom of the Griffith Observatory road, stretched (what seemed like) at least a 4.6 billion cars, all completely stopped. Determined to get to the shoot on time, I said a quick prayer, turned up the music and hoped for the best!

Luckily, we did reach the parking lot on time, but un-luckily, the parking lot was closed to do a concert that was happening. Long story short, we couldn't get to the observatory, so as a last ditch effort, we decided to head to LACMA. 

That was a great decision.